Cina Hoey, LCSW

Welcome! I blend modern psychology with ancient wisdom to break
bad habits, tame overactive minds, and achieve personal transformation.

I specialize in mindfulness and meditation, anxiety and stress management, addictive habits and behaviors, and grief and loss. My clients tend to be busy, driven, and dedicated to improving physically, mentally, emotionally, professionally, and spiritually.

Contact me at 516-477-9774 or [email protected]

for a free phone consultation to decide whether or not working together  would add value to your life, or to inquire about services for your business or someone you care about.

Why work with me?

We are each shaped by a lifetime of personal experiences, which often have us looking at our current life circumstances and relationships through lenses of past hurts and fears. Together, we will uncover ideas and beliefs that may not be serving you, break bad habits, and train your brain to experience more joy, health, peace, creativity, wisdom, and focus.

Feeling uneasy, that life is moving too fast, or that something is missing has become the new norm, and many of my clients report these similar experiences. So if you would like to:

  •  Restore a sense of balance and tranquility
  • Manage emotions skillfully
  • Feel less stressed, rushed, or overwhelmed
  • Break bad habits and perfectionist tendencies
  • Decrease overthinking, anxiety, fear, and anger
  • Increase productivity
  • Sleep better
  • Experience greater peace and happiness

I would be honored to have the opportunity to work together.

With Gratitude, 


"Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life." - Omar Khayyam